Monday, January 11, 2016

The Ear,The Eye,and The Arm summary -chapter 27

1. What happened to the children in Dead Man's Vlei?

The She elephant treated them like slaves and made them look for old used things and the dead man's Vlei is a place for the out cast the vlei people were slow and camo and the She elephant and when they first tryed to run away the She elephant stomped and the vlei people shot up and stopped tendia in his trail the vlei people are like slaves to the She elephant and work in the mines too with tendia and his younger sister and baby brother.

2. How did the children escape Dead Man's Vlei?

When the She Elephant was down under in the mine Granny told them to run away and she will not tell the She elephant that they had run away but they didn't know what would happen to pore old Granny if the mean old She elephant would make old granny work in the mine but the She elephant was chasing after them all the way to the city and to the bus stop and rode it to rest haven gates with trashman and trashman convinced.

What happend to the children in rest haven?

they are blamed for witch craft and had too drink a really nasty drink and if the children did not throw up they would be killed for witch craft and the twin burth and be banushed from the tribe.

How did the children escape rest haven?

they drank the nasty drink and they throw up the nasty drink and they were thrown out of rest haven.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

ear,eye,arm question.

it has no law or order and if there was law and order it would have no crime.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ear,Eye,Arm-ch.1 the city is being surrounded by a big wall and any one from the out side world is not to be let in.
2.if you go out you are banished by the town.
3.animals are banished from the town because they are from the out side wall.
4. other people are banished or distrusted by the people of the out side world.
5.and the hole house is gauded by a robot Doberman.
6.Tendai was listening to a robot that was listening to a bird song.
7. Tendai has a Mangwanani bird and it really dose nothing.
8.the bird was banished until Tendai toke it in to his home. the book the Ear,theEye,and the Arm the natural world is banished or mistrusted.


What do we know about the mellower?
That he is always late for everything.
That he is a hypnotist and calms them down

How dose he not fit with this family?
he is late for them all the time.
he is proble over weght.